Demeter's Seasoning Sauces | Organic Soya Sauce​​​​​​​
Oriental flavors dancing and leaping in your mouth as if the ingredients were still alive.
Hestia's Matches | Strike for a pure flame​​​​​​​
Hestia, a humble and good-natured goddess (of the hearth). The earthy color palette and bold font reflect her grounded, wise, and straightforward disposition. 
Matchbox mockup credits to antonbildyaev:
Cream of Tartarus | by Hades & Co.
Manufactured and packed by the ethically paid and award-winning dead.
Greek Figures from A to Z | An Illustrated Guide
An illustrated book to educate insignificant mortals about the greek heroes, goddesses and gods, Mt. Olympus staff, and creatures.
Persephone's Chaos Cup | For transitioning kores
Persephone's menstrual cup whopping 1 gallon of period blood! Perfect for raising hell.
Where Has Everyone Gone by Apollo | Sentimental Poems Collection
"I have been feeling lonely recently. I used to be so popular. I think people have forgotten me, Apollo, god of the sun, music, art, poetry, plague, medicine, oracles, among many. This 433rd volume is my most personal work yet. Enjoy it. Bond with it. Or I will incinerate you." — Apollo, the author 
Hecatreats | A pop-up magical edibles shop
Watch out for cloudless full moons that pierce through misty crossroads. There you will find a red stall where a woman clad in gems and stones and her three headed dog await. That is Hecate, goddess of magic, witchcraft, moon, night, ghosts, and necromancy. She will offer her collection of magic treats that will soothe your tired soul, but hold onto your good sense. Hecate can be good. She can be evil. Eat at your own risk.

When you're done, she will guide you out the mist with her flaming torch and tell you she'll welcome your repeated patronage with a wink. "My dear, come back again when you're feeling dreary or greedy. Some sweetness and magic will cure anything. On a clear night, of course." ⁣
 Pest Spray by Athena Labs
Athena saw a need, and she fulfilled it. Introducing Pest Spray for keeping away unwanted siblings or sons. Do not try on humans.
Adonis | From Aphrodite's Personal Collection
Aphrodite has a shelf filled with custom-crafted perfumes for every lover she has ever had. Can you smell it? The fresh, floral, baby powdery scent of her sweet and tragic love with the beautiful and slender Adonis...
Hephaestus Metalworks is Hiring | Calling All Cyclops
Training and extensive employee benefits are included. No resumé required to apply.
If you're interested in seeing the sketches and keeping updated with the series, follow the process on my Instagram @amberlimshin.

Disclaimer: All products are fictional. Sorry.

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